The only Bulgarian boat participant in ARC Europe 2019 – Oceanis with skipper Dian Zaikov, finishes first in stage 1 ……

The Bulgarian boat, which started its participation in ARC Europe 2019 – Oceanis (Beneteau Oceanis 58), with skipper Dian Zaikov (Dido) finished first and is ranked first in Stage 1 of the Transatlantic Regatta (British Virgin Islands – Bermuda ). The first place was very challenged between Oceanis and Nika in the last few days. An Oceanis main competitor at this stage was the Maltese yacht participant – Nika, which is currently the 5th in the leaderboard.

Oceanis and Nika split them literally 2-3 nautical miles, Nika led in other moments, but the last Maltese decision was to turn west but the wind proved to be inappropriate for such a maneuver. Nika went too far to the west and moving much longer while Oceanis went straight ahead and this proved to be the winning strategy. The Bulgarian yacht reached Bermuda first among the 29 boats in the cruise division, as well as among all 34 participants who migrate from the Caribbean to Europe this year. On May 15, Oceanis will be continued in the 2nd stage of the transatlantic regatta – from Bermuda to the Azores (1,800 m). At this stage, two other yachts (USA) will start from the alternative route of Stage 1 – Portsmouth – Bermuda. Now the Oceanis competitors are a total of 30.

The ARC Europe 2019 route is divided into the following stages:

Stage 1: May 4 – Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, British Virgin Islands – Bermuda: 845 m.

Stage 2: May 15 – Bermuda to Horta, Faial Azores: 1800 m.

June 1 – Azores Cruise (Faial, Terceira, Sao Miguel, Santa Maria)

Stage 3: June 8 – Santa Maria, Azores to Lagos, Portugal: 820 m.

June 16 – Award ceremony: Lagos, Portugal

Follow the real-time location of Oceanis in the next stages of ARC Europe 2019 :

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