With a very pleasant impression on the participants, the Romanian National Open Match Race 2019 ended …….

As people have said, every happiness always comes to an end, and we sent the next edition of the Romanian National Open Match Race 2019 with very nice emotions, new knowledge, and friends.

In this year’s competition 6 teams, representatives of Bulgaria and Romania started. The regatta was organized by the Sailing Academy Sport Club & Nautic Line International Ltd and was held from May 9 to May 12, in the aquatory of Marina Limanu, Mangalia. The rank of ISAF at the event is 3. This match type of racing race has an exact number of the crew involved, which consists of 4 people. Previously, we shared the participation of Bulgarian team with captain Ivan Georgiev – team RegaTTac, with a crew: Tsvetan Manolov / RegaTTac /, Rayna Serafimova and Nikolay Pashov / Ultramarine /. To our surprise, there is a second Bulgarian team with a captain: Boyan Kostov and crew: Alexander Dimitriev, Simeon Kostov and Yordan Kirilov. Earlier today, our media contacted Ivan Georgiev of the RegaTTac team to get a clear idea of ​​how the Romanian race in Limanu runs. He told us that during the first day of the competition, the team had made two Round Robins – twice each against each. In the rankings after the first day lead the team of Boyan Kostov, followed by Iulia Fulicea and Ivan Georgiev with an equal number of wins. Today, semi-finals and finals took place. In the semi-finals of Ivan Georgiev’s team lost with 2:1 from Fulicea but beat 2:0 in the small finals of Catalin Corduneanu. At the final, Iulia Fulicea beat Boyan Kostov with 3:0, but the last race is extremely dramatic for both teams: Fulicea leads, overtaken by Boyan Kostov, but because of twisted spinnaker, Iulia Fulicea won the race. We sought the opinion of Alexander Dimitriev, a crew from Boyan Kostov’s team for the regatta itself. We give you his answer:
“Everything was on the level. Fulicea sails better than us in the final and deservedly won. It was nice ….”

Romanian National Open Match Race 2019. Final results:

1.Iulia Fulicea(RO)
2.Boyan Kostov(BUL)
3.Ivan Georgiev(BUL)
4.Catalin Corduneanu (RO)
5.Raul Tanislav(RO)
6.Bogdan Paturca(RO)

We thanks to our sources – Ivan Georgiev and Alexander Dimitriev for the material provided!

Photos: Sebastian Moise