Liberte and Forever take the way back to Bulgaria ………

On 9 June around 21:30 Bulgarian time, the Bulgarian yachts Liberte (Van de Stadt Orion 33, skipper Emil Raykov) and Forever (Van de Stadt Dehler 36, Dimitar Bozhkov) arrived successfully in Georgian port Batumi. They were welcomed by a local agent, shared Valeri Nikolov from the group “Yacht Club of Sofia cowman’s ” in the social networks.On 3 June, the three yachts – Liberte, Forever and Dara started their sailing tour from Bourgas, but two days later, the yacht Dara (Beneteau First, Alexander Georgiev) left the two yachts because of commitments and took to Sozopol.

The media had spoken to the skipper of the Liberte yacht, who had told details about the first stage of their sailing. We share for you their conversation:
“Tonight (June 10th) we go back to Bulgaria. Today was a very busy day because we had to load and so on. There is plenty to tell, but let’s go back to Bulgaria. In general, on arrival, we had more wind than expected and we sailed to the engine for only about 50 hours. We sailed over 650 nautical miles because in the second half we were on the Turkish coast because of the wind. I learned astronautics and I dare say I’m getting better results with the sextant, “said for the Liberte skipper. A few hours ago in social networks, information was shared that yesterday around 20:30, Bulgarian time, Liberte and Forever take the way back to Bulgaria after a one-day stay in Batumi for recharging, drinking one beer and going back. The coordinates from this morning handed over Liberte: N 42 ° 3.3 ‘; E 40 ° 43 ‘. They went north to avoid the windlessness. At night, they had a good wind (up to 20 knots), and unpleasant squall that only tired and wet them. In the morning, the wind has fallen and they have ignited engines. Forever are close to them.

photos: BSR Black Sea Rally for Cruisers

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