Boat – Vitals a new generation of Boat Monitoring Systems ……

Our media contacted Mr. Vasko Tomanov, who kindly provided us with information about the Boat-Vitals system. We have recently mentioned that the system has been installed on a Blossom yacht through which we monitored the performance of the yacht. We give you the information we received:

“BOAT-VITALS is a sophisticated boat monitoring system designed to provide almost real-time (once every 1/2 hour) information on the most important lifespan of the boat: temperature, humidity, hold-water and voltage in both battery banks on your boat while you are away and it is on the quay in the yacht harbor, and up to 5 extra sensors can be maintained eg: wind, distance, etc. The system comprises of some basic sensors that can monitor the yachts position, bilge water, battery’s, temp, humidity, swell magnitude amongst other functions. Every sensor submits its data to a gateway and the gateway delivers this data to Boat-Vitals tech center. The Customer can monitor the vital elements using any web-enabled device. All data is displayed in charts for the day, history up to two months and a map of boat locations. Once connected to the system it will work in every marina/place that has participated in the Boat-Vitals network and the boat position will be displayed on the charts including the closest city 1000 plus inhabitants) to the boat’s position. The cost is a small initial charge for the hardware and very low yearly subscription. Staring from £55 initial and £10 per year subscription. These can, of course, be marked up by the marinas or be an additional inclusion in the annual berth holders charge. The marina also has a special web page where it can monitor all boats in the marina in one place and get indications are they on place together with all parameters.”