Bulgarians lead after the first race day in Poseidon Balchik Regatta 2019 ……………..

With Bulgarian supremacy in the ORC C class, day one of the 2019 Poseidon Balchik International Regatta starts. The crew of the Phoenix yacht with skipper Bogomil Pehlivanov, SC Sineva Varna led by 3 points ahead of Tex The Lion (Mihai Stoicescu) and until yesterday the first Odessos 25 (John Ionescu).
This is a wonderful start for the Bulgarian crew, with which he secures a lead for the upcoming Eforie Nord – Balchik (60 NM) stage today. In ORC A&B class, the other Bulgarian representatives – the crew of the yacht Petra (Nikola Dukov, SC Pontos Varna) started the first race with a victory, but even after the subsequent 2 clean starts, the lead position was taken from the yacht Quebramar with skipper Iulia Fulicea. The sixth position is for the crew of LZ yachting 1991 (Lachezar Bratoev, YC Bavaria Yachts Varna), in nineteenth place after giving up the third start is Espresso Martini (Pavlin Nadvorni, SA Cor Caroli).
The regatta is organized by Balchik Sea Club and Black sea sailing association and takes place from 30 August to 01 September 2019. The offshore race from Eforie Nord – Balchik (60 NM) will start today with a starting time of 10.30.


September 1, Sunday

12.00 Inshore race – Balchik – Albena – Balchik

TVA Awarding



class ORC-A&B

1Quebramar – Iulia Fulicea
2 Petra – Nikola Dukov
3 Hope -Mihai Fagarasan
4 Incognito – Ion Bogdan
5 Melx II -Neagu Mihael
6 Lz Yachting 1991-Lachezar Bratoev
7 Simina-Cristian Gheiner
8 Nitro – Ionut Stan
9 Cosa Nostra-Nicolescu Andrei
10 Abracadabra – Laurentiu Giusca

class ORC A

1 Quebramar – Iulia Fulicea
2 Petra -Nikola Dukov
3 Melx II -Neagu Mihael
4 Lz Yachting 1991-Lachezar Bratoev
5 Flying Cloud -Catalin Luchian
6 Setsail – Ovidiu Drugan
7 Espresso Martini – Pavlin Nadvorni

Class ORC B

1 Hope -Mihai Fagarasan
2 Incognito – Ion Bogdan
3 Simina – Cristian Ghelner
4 Nitro – Ionut Stan
5 Cosa Nostra – Nicolescu Andrei
6 Abracadabra – Laurentiu Giusca
7 Tetraktys – Hrehorciuc Bogdan
8 Mojo – Ciurel Valentin
9 Sapajou – Bogdan Grigorescu
10 Dream – Mihai Marcu

Class ORC C

1 Phoenix – Bogomil Pehlivanov
2 Tex The Lion -Stoicescu Mihai
3 Odessos 25 – John Ionescu
4 Adria – Ion Popescu
5 Bonvi -Homeag Catalin
6 Aria – Ionut Iliescu
7 Tortuga – Dragomir Lucian
8 Thea – Sofian Lupascu
9 Khaleesi – Raul Tanislav
10 Santa Clara – Adrian Bulf

Source: Nauticabull , from the venue …