Important information from the last hours for the Bulgarian participants in the Poseidon 2019 regatta ………

Our colleagues from Nautica bull received information from the organizers of the regatta Poseidon regarding the control. Organizers notify the crews of Bulgarian yachts that will take part in the regatta from the start. We publish information that is distributed in the media space:

“The crews of the Bulgarian yachts participating in the sailing International Regatta Poseidon Balchik will have to take control at the port of Mangalia and then sail to Marina Eforie North. Exit controls before the offshore stage Eforie – Balchik will be formed in the marina on Saturday, August 31st. The Poseidon Balchik Regatta is organized by the Balchik Sea Club and the Black sea sailing association and will held from August 29 to September 1, 2019. ”


August 29, Thursday

17.00 – 20.00 Registration at Marina Eforie North

20.30 Technical Conference

August 30, Friday

10.55 Offshore racing in front of Marina Eforie

August 31, Saturday

09.25 Offshore race Eforie North – Balchik

September 1, Sunday

12.25 Offshore race Balchik – Albena – Balchik

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