Completed the 52nd edition of the Balkaniada in Tivat, silver and bronze for Bulgaria ……

After a fierce battle between the participants in the Championship and five races for the participating classes, we are proud to congratulate our Bulgarian national team on the victory it brought to our Motherland. With a silver medal for Mariela Nikolova, a representative of the Laser Radial – women’s class and a bronze medal for Ivo Todorov, who competed in the Laser Standard class, Bulgaria proved once again that she is a strong opponent. Our national team consisted of 28 representatives, of whom:

Class Optimist Boys: Marian Shangov, Todor Tuzlukov, Ivan Naydenov, Alexander Vangelov, Vladimir Pinkov, Georgi Manoilov, Viktor Stanoev, Kaloyan Kalchev, Martin Mitev, Philip Stanoev, Hristo Kalchev

Optimist Girls: Bozhidara Bozovaiska, Rosie Kaneva, Kemala Parusheva, Adriana Petkova, Tsveta Kircheva

Laser Radial Class – Women: Mariela Nikolova

Class Laser Radial – Men: Martin Penev and Lyuben Todorov

Class Laser Standard: Ivo Todorov, Zlatko Atanasov, Ivo Filchev, Daniel Nikolov

Class Laser 4.7 Youth: Radoslav Gavrailov, Klement Sarastov and Daniel Yordanov

Class Laser 4.7 Girls: Stanislava Todorova and Diana Markova

In the ranking of the Laser 4.7 class, Diana Markova and Radoslav Gavrailov little did not reach at win the honors; At the Optimists, 9 contestants entered Gold fleet (1-53) -12 Viktor Stanoev, 16 Marian Shangov, 19 Georgi Manoilov, 23 Ivan Naydenov, 32 Tsveta Kircheva, 34 Todor Tuzlukov, 40 Vladimir Pinkov, 44 Martin Mitev, 47 Alexander Vangelov. 3 of them placed in the Top 20 – Viktor Stanoev 12th, Marian Shangov 16th and Georgi Manoilov 19th. The 10-year-old representative from yacht club Cap.G. Georgiev – Tsveta Kircheva is sixth in U12.
The 52nd Balkan & Opening Sailing Championship was held from 6-11 September in Tivat, Montenegro. Participants from 7 countries, including Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey and Canada, took part in the championship.

Final Ranking:

Optimist (105 participants)
Gold fleet

1 Dimitrios Bitros (Gr)
2 Josip Tafra (Cro)
3 Alexandros Piperakis (Gr)
12 Viktor Stanoev
16 Marian Shangov
19 Georgi Manoilov
23 Ivan Naydenov
32 Kircheva Tsveta
34 Todor Tuzlukov
40 Vladimir Pinkov
44 Martin Mitev
47 Alexander Vangelov

Silver fleet

57 Hristo Kalchev
59 Adriana Petkova
61 Kemala Parusheva
62 Kaloyan Kalchev
67 Bojidara Bozovaiska
71 Rosie Kaneva
90 Philip Stanoev

Laser 4.7 (26 members)

1 Nikola Golubovic (Mne)
2 Georgios Papadakos (Gr)
3 Iasonas Kefallonitis (Gr)
7 Radoslav Gavrailov
8 Diana Markova
10 Daniel Yordanov
14 Stanislava Todorova
15 Clement Sarastov

Laser Radial (16 members)

1 Ebru Bolat (Rom)
2 Danilo Joncic (Mne)
3 Nikolaus Gkionis (Gre)
4 Mariela Nikolova
10 Lyuben Todorov
11 Martin Penev

Laser Standard (14 participants)

1 Milivoj Dukic (Mne)
2 Leonidas Alygizakis (Greece)
3 Karim Fillah (Canada)
4 Ivo Todorov
9 Ivo Filchev
10 Daniel Nikolov
11 Zlatko Atanasov

Photo credit by Duško Miljanić
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