A well-deserved victory for Setsail – The new Sailing Champions of Romania ……

With the last 2 windward / leeward races today, Campionat Naţional – Alpha Bank – Offshore Etapa 2 has come to an end. An undisputed victory for the Setsail yacht with an international crew ! The regatta was held between September 27-29 for ORC and IRC classes. A total of 32 crews started in the last stage of the competition covering the Eforie Nord – Limanu, Mangalia. The organizers are: As. C.S. Black Sea Competition & Black Sea Magic (LifeHarbour Limanu), under the auspices of Federatia Romana de Yachting.

Final Ranking: 

Class A&B

1 Setsail
2 My Way
3 Quebramar
4 Incognito
5 Irony


1 Setsail
2 My Way
3 Quebramar
4 Flying Cloud


1 Incognito
2 Irony
3 Simina
4 Hope
5 Cosa Nostra


1 Odessos 25
2 Elysea
3 Ricochet
4 Bonvi
5 Simina 2

Cover photo: Corina Drugan Cobianu

Video: Ovidiu Drugan

SetSail Campioni Naționali la Yachting Offshore

Posted by Ovidiu Drugan on Sunday, September 29, 2019