Without starts on the last racing day of the ” Saedinenie” regatta in Tsarevo …..

Today is the last day of the sailing regatta “Saedinenie” in Tsarevo, passed without starts due to strong weather, which led to the final decision of the colleagues of judges to stop the races. The competitors of 7 clubs took part in the 17th edition of the regatta. The event is organized by MSK Sereko with the assistance of the Municipality of Tsarevo.

Final ranking

Optimist (32 participants)

Georgi Keskinov (MSK Sereko Tsarevo)
Borislav Nikolov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Kristiyan Vulkov (YC Chernomorets Burgas)
Deniz Manolova (YC Chernomorets Burgas)
Veronica Kichikova (YC Chernomorets Burgas)
Daniel Tsenov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Diana Pashova (YC Chernomorets Burgas)
Alexander Ganev (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Vladimir Kostov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Lachezar Panayotov (YC Chernomorets Burgas)

Laser 4.7 (12)

Mikhail Berberov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Vladimir Stoyanov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
David Binev (YC Port of Bourgas)
Teodor Kostadinov (MSK Sereko Tsarevo)
Peter Kosturkov (YC Cap. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Antonio Kirov (OMK Primorsko)

Cadet (6 екипажа)

Yordan Iliev / Saveliy Olegovich (SC Black Sea Briz Varna)
Mario Boykov / Vladimir Obreshkov (SC Black Sea Briz Varna)
Nikolay Tsenov / Martin Metodiev (SC Black Sea Briz Varna)

420 (7 екипажа)

Tsvetoslav Mavrodiev / Stefan Mikaelyan (SC Black Sea Briz Varna)
Marcela Miteva / Andrea Kalcheva (CSAC Academic Sofia)
Kalina Marinova / Magdalena Tsenova (SC Black Sea Briz Varna)

Pictures : МSK Sereko