One race on the last day identified the winners in the regatta “March 3” …..

Yesterday afternoon , the 64th edition of the Traditional Sailing Regatta “March 3” for YAL class boats ended. With one last 7th race planned, the situation with the winners, who until recently were in tension, was resolved. The strong weather on the last day again played an unpleasant joke on some of the participants.

In general, the regatta went through a lot of clashes over the distance, cosmetic problems on the boats, a higher tone between the competitors and a lot of tension, of the end everyone was satisfied. In addition to the 3 places in the two standings (regatta and national championship), awards were received by: Philip Manukyan (VK Sineva, the youngest participant), Dimitar Dimitrov (VVMU, the oldest) and the birthday Yasen Dimitrov (VK Wind and water). The crew of VVMU “Nikola Vaptsarov” – 4 (cadets) composed of Petko Petkov, Valentin Ivanov, Marina Penkova, Yordan Momchev, Georgi Petrov, Peter Dzhenev were the winners in the regatta “March 3”, followed by the crew of SC “Wind and Water” (Vasil Beyazov) and MK “Balchik” -1 (Nikolay Stanev).
In the final standings of the National Championship again led the crew of MK “Balchik” -1 with Nikolay Stanev, followed of second place from the representatives of Black Sea Breeze SC, Teodor Ognyanov and third are SCV Ultramarine -1, Yavor Kolev.


VVMU “Nikola Vaptsarov” – 4 (Petko Petkov)
SC “Wind and Water” (Vasil Beyazov)
MK Balchik -1 (Nikolay Stanev)


MK Balchik -1 (Nikolay Stanev)
SC Black Sea Briz ”(Theodor Ognyanov)
SCV Ultramarine -1 (Yavor Kolev)

The 64th edition of the Traditional Sailing Regatta “March 3” is organized by Varna Municipality, SC Black Sea Briz Varna, SC Friends of the Sea Varna and the Bulgarian Sailing Federation.