Limanu Channel Cup 2020 – the long-awaited training for the upcoming start of the Romanian sailing season …..

In the period June 20-21, Mojo Yachting Club and LifeHarbour hosted the first sailing event of the season: the Limanu Channel Cup 2020.
Without participating in the regular sailing season at sea, the Limanu Channel Cup was held this year as a closed event (without an audience and under certain clauses), due to compliance with the rules of social distance. Entering its third year since first organizing, the Limanu Channel Cup is the only regatta in Romania to be held on a navigation channel. This year’s edition even enjoyed a big turnout.

The Limanu Channel Cup is already a traditional competition organized in Romania since 2018 by the club’s Mojo Yachting and LifeHarbour.
The success of previous years and the show it generates led to the organization of two such editions a year – one at the opening of the regular offshore sailing season, and the second at the end of it, after the stages of the National Championship. But since 2020 is an atypical season for which no racing calendar has been announced so far – this race was more of a racing training for the participating crews. During the two days of the competition, there were four races, which were saturated with several different winds. The specificity of this race or similar for the channel is that the “route” is a priority. The distance they follow in Limanu Channel Cup 2020 starts in Marina Limanu and continues to the port of Mangalia.From here come and the difficulty of getting the most out of the sailboat, currents, gusts, obstacles (bridges, infrastructure works) of the other boats, each of which is a test for the crews.
In the new class called “OPEN”, 3 sailing boats took part in an attempt to win: Thea (Oceanis 38), Joy (Jeanneau 49), and Tetraktys (X-Yachts). In the end, the class was won by the more experienced and fast Tetrakys crew, Joy took second place and Thea – third place. A very classy battle for the podium was held in class 34.7, which was formed entirely by LifeHarbour sailing boats – Beneteau 34.7: Life (Captain Sorin Yorga), Dream (Mihai Marcu), Abracadabra ( Laurențiu Giușcă) and Fly (Sorin Lupascu). The race was won by Dream, followed by Life, Fly and Abracadabra.
In the Queen class of Beneteau Forst 40.7 there are 4 boats: Irony (Cătălin Corduneanu), Nemo (George Ghituran), Mojo (Valentin Zurel) and Eros (skipper Radu Dumitru), they all compete for Mojo Yachting. Irony and Nemo won the first races, with Irony winning 3 out of 4 and becoming the class winner. Nemo took second place and Mojo third.

Source and pictures: Adrian Drăgan
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