With the last unfinished race – inshore race, the regatta Kaliakria Cup 2020 ended …..

The last 2nd day of the Kaliakria Cup 2020 regatta is over. After a six-year break, the organizer of Kaliakria Resort – Angel Lingorski, managed to resume the competition in the best possible way.

During the 2 competition days, the regatta gathered representatives of both countries – Romania with 6 crews and Bulgaria with 25. On the last day, the first referee’s signal was played to postpone the race due to an unfinished protest from the previous day. This caused dissatisfaction among many of the competitors. About 12 o’clock the start was given, but the wind was not favorable for the competitors, which led to the abandonment of subsequent races until the end of the day. Later in the day the awarding of the winners took place, with which the regatta ended ……

LZ yachting 1991 (Lachezar Bratoev, YC Bavaria Yachts Varna)
Petra (Nikola Dukov, SC Pontos Varna)
SetSail (Valentin Oeru, Balkan Romania)


Adria (Ion Popescu, Romania)
Kaliakria (Stoyan Georgiev, MK Balchik)
Elina (Dimitar Shulikov, ^YC Bavaria Yachts Varna)

Proxima (Svilen Doikov, YC Capt. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Sundowner (Damyan Petkov, YC Port Burgas)
NORD Burgas (Georgi Kaloyanov, YC Chernomorets Burgas)

Mint Milk (Kalin Georgiev, YC Capt. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Smoke (Alexander Milev, YC Capt. G. Georgiev Port Varna)
Metch (Boyan Kostov, SC Black Sea Breeze Varna)

Petra (Nikola Dukov, SC Pontos Varna)
Oxygen (Demir Ivanov, YC Bavaria Yachts Varna)
Espresso Martini (Pavlin Nadvorni, SA Cor Caroli Varna)