Gabriela Mifsud : “This RMSR edition was a seriously fast race, always under pressure to perform in extreme weather conditions”…

Just a few days after their successful final of the Rolex Middle sea race, we contacted Gabriella Mifsud, a member of the crew of the Maltese Falcon 2, who was so kind as to tell us about the interesting experiences on board during the 606 nm race, which this year was a real adventure for all participating sailors. The crew competed in the Beneteau first 40.7 of 2001, called the Maltese Falcon 2, sponsored by Openpayd and Sekuritence.

Hello Gabriela, will you tell us about your impressions of Rolex, what were your expect and what really happened?

Good Morning Denica, thank you for your interest in our experience. RMSR 2021 was a very particular year. In the first part of the year due to Covid restrictions, many regattas were not held, so we had lost touch of high-level racing. When conditions started easing we embarked on a solid training program. We trained many times a week both at night and day. We made many improvements to the boat and participated in the Syracuse to Malta Offshore race in September. Closer to the RMSR we worked on weather routing plans and optimization. This RMSR was a seriously fast race, always under pressure to perform in extreme climatic conditions. We had an exceptional team where everyone knew his role and worked together to achieve our goal. Although we did not get any podium positions we are happy with our results and performance because we know we gave it all we could.

It will be interesting to find out about the emotions and situations after the start, I am sure that the weather conditions were equally difficult for all involved and for the performance of the crew in these situations …

The team worked together in all conditions, and I couldn’t wish for a better team, we were like a family. The weather was quite dramatic as we left Malta on a beat reaching Capopassero in Sicily in a few hours. We pressed hard along the eastern seaboard of Sicily to ensure we passed before the North Easterly forecast. We managed to enter the lee of Italy before the extreme weather and had a transit of the Messina straits in fluky winds and some very tricky conditions. After exiting the straits the power reach to Strombolicchio was immensely satisfying. After the Strombolicchio turning, we chose safety over performance to safeguard the boat and crew for what the weather was going to throw at us in the second half of the race. Through the Favignana channel, we fast sailed under A2 all the way to Pantelleria and Lampedusa with conditions varying from light to seriously strong. After Lampedusa we tough reach under J2, where we performed exceptionally well and gained some positions. All in all, I am happy and looking forward to the next one!!

The crew was the following: Jonathan Camilleri Bowman (owner and Skipper), Adrian Gauci Borda (Boat captain and helm), Duncan Camilleri (Helm), Gabriella Mifsud (Helm), Patrick Genovese (Tactician), David Polidano (Bowman), Steve Carter (trimmer), Jean Attard(Mastman), Niek van Griethuisen(trimmer), Hillevi Boerboom( Bowman).

Thanks a lot to Gabriella Mifsud for the wonderful interview she did for our media – Yachting info. At the middle of next week, we will publish the next interesting interview. For you, Denica Pavlova, Yachting info.

Photo by : Jonathan Camilleri Bowman ; Yachting info;