Andrew Agius Delicata:”For us, its all about having fun and obviously winning.”


Hello again, it’s the turn of our next and last participant in the section “Interview with a competitor after RMSR”. He competes again in the “double-handed” class. I present to you Andrew Agius Delicata and Matthew Gabriele.

1.  Portfolio of the boat

A.D: “So, the boat is a reflex 38. One of only 10 built. The boat has been owned by us for 4 years now and a lot of modifications have been done to it to improve performance with the limitations of the budget that we have. We took part in RMSR in 2019 and we came 4th in the double-handed class.
This year we came 3rd in the double-handed class and 3rf in the orc fully crewed class. This was a great achievement for us. We were hoping for a podium position prior to the race but we knew that there is a lot of hard competition. The double-handed class is not like it was before as now there are high-performance boats taking part in this class with experienced sailors. Due to Covid, this class is also rising in popularity.”

2 Something about the crew?

A.D:” The boat is owned and raced by Andrew Agius Delicata (myself) and Matthew Gabriele. I am an architect and Matthew is a doctor and time for training and racing is very limited due to our profession but we enjoy every minute of it. For coastal racing, we have a fully crewed team. All of us are friends and experienced sailors all starting from a dinghy background. For us, it’s all about having fun and obviously winning.

3 What do you expect before the regatta and what happened in reality?

We are very successful in most of the coastal races we take part. This year the RMSR was a fast and tough one. We did it 2 days faster than the one in 2019. We trust each other blindfolded and this gave us peace of mind that we were going to be safe. Winds reaching 45 knots gave us a hard time but we knew the boat was built in a strong manner. Most of the time we would need to sail the boat single-handed since we would need to give each other time to rest. We reached a maximum speed of 20.9 knots surfing down waves after passing Stromboli. We had minor damages which we managed to repair during the race. On the first leg towards Sicily, we lost all instruments and the autopilot at 2 am and by the early morning we managed to get things running again

4 Emotions and situations after the start and future plans for the next sailing season.

It was a fantastic experience and the frame of mind is always to try to do it again this coming year.

With this latest interview, Yachting Info concludes the “Interview with a competitor after RMSR” section. Thanks to everyone who took part in it ….

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