Comanche raider 3: We always expect the unexpected!


The next participants standing in front of the microphone of Yachting Info are the crew of the yacht Comanche raider 3, who shared interesting information about their participation in the 42-nd edition of the regatta Rolex Middle sea race …..

Comanche Raider III is a Farr 45. Sail number MLT1551. Based in Malta and member of the Royal Malta.

Hello, could you share for Yachting Info what were your expectations before the regatta and what happened in reality?

We always expected the unexpected, in this case, we expected a fast and bumpy ride. Great downwind conditions made it a fast ride home. Was a fast leg to Messina which was a one-tack leg. We arrived early Sunday morning. The wind died down Messina. Once rounded Stromboli we blasted downwind in a 25-30 knots breeze managing to hold a constant 20 knots boat speed with an A3 and one reef in the main. Once the quick leg from Stromboli to Favignana the wind died down and started to pick up once we rounded Lampedusa. This was one of the hardest legs of the race. Upon our arrival to Malta, the rainy weather kicked in making it that more difficult. We managed to finish just under 4 days and a half.

Could you share something about the crew?
The crew consists of 7 Maltese sailors, one Sicilian and one Romanian. He is a great band, an extended family. Morale on board is always high and there is never a boring moment. Comanche Rider as a team has existed for 18 years. Four years ago we got a Comanche raider 3 and a Farr 45. The team has never missed a Rolex race. With Comanche raider 3 we qualified both in 2018 and last year. It is a very competitive boat thanks to its racing pedigree and the team that sails it. Crew members: Ramon Sant Hill, Paolo Giummarra, Timo Bonnici, Matthew Micallef, Gary pace, Daniel Bartolo, Daniel Fenech, Zaack Micallef, Cosmin Apreotesei

Future plans?

We are all looking forward to the future. We mean both local and foreign competitions.

It will be interesting for us to find out about the emotions and situations after the start …..

Emotions are always a roller coaster during the race. Although it is the 22-nd edition for our skipper Ramon Sant Hill, the pressure is always on. Like everything there is highs and lows, the team always made sure to keep moral high and make sure that everyone onboard is enjoying the race. We would also like to thank our sponsors Ben Estates, Gasan Mamo, and One Sails for making all these opportunities happen.

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The interview of the next participant will be published on November 6.