Emilie Gregory: “… No feeling can ever compare to crossing that finish line. The immense satisfaction that you feel is unexplainable!”


Our next guest in the “Interview with a competitor after RMSR” rubric is the young and experienced skipper Emilie Gregory from JYS Jarhead. It was a real pleasure for our media to have this conversation with the young girl. She is an exceptional professional and an interesting interlocutor. In short, the JYS Jarhead is a 36-foot J-109 racing sailing boat, owned by the Jarhead Young Sailors Foundation – a non-profit voluntary organization with the principal purpose of educating children, youths, and young adults in the sport of sailing.

Hello, could you tell us what your expectations were before the regatta and what happened in reality?

We had a fairly inexperienced team this year. With 3 absolute beginners competing in the MSR for the first time, we knew it was going to be a challenge. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. With the predicted wind forecast I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. In fact, we did have a few mishaps and breakages like breaking our barber hauler block (vital for pointing on upwind) within the first 2 hours of the race as well as managing to wrap our A3 (the only spinnaker that we could’ve used in 30 knots of wind) around the forestay and ripping it on the longest downwind leg of the race! The weather, however, did live up to my expectations- with a constant wind of 30 knots for most of the race, gusts hitting 48/50 knots, lightning, thunder, rain, hail, 3/4 meter waves-the adrenaline rush was crazy.

The Crew :

The crew was amazing I must say. The grit and determination that kept on shining throughout the race even when it felt as though everything was pitted against us was impressive. From coach roach fumigations to a lottttttt of sea sickness tablets for some, we managed to brave through it and get past that finish line!

Emotions and situations after the start and future plans for the next sailing season ….

The start is always a fairly stressful part of the race, but once Malta is out of sight and all the excitement of the start line starts to wear off you get into the racing routine. Sail-sleep-eat-repeat. Nothing compares to being out at sea. Your mind is fully concentrated on the race and all your outside worries and responsibilities are put aside. It’s such a wonderful sport that I’m so happy to be a part of. I plan to race all the Maltese local races of the next sailing season in preparation for next year’s middle sea race.

Something which I wished to share is feelings at the finish line: no feeling can ever compare to crossing that finish line. The immense satisfaction that you feel is unexplainable. It just makes you want to do it all over again!

Thanks to Emilie Gregory for the wonderful interview. Our next article in this section will be published on November 25. Thanks!