Valentin Oeru: “We had probably the best 100% Romanian crew and we were ready to give our best.”



I am extremely proud of our next participant in the section of Yachting Info,” Interview with a competitor after RMSR”. He is very well known to the Bulgarian sailing community and a very respected competitor of all. Valentin Oeru is a longtime sailor with extensive experience in the field, along with his team of true professionals who won many prizes, and today the Rolex trophy for the fastest finished boat in ORC Class 3. Enjoy the wonderful interview, which Valentin Oeru shared with us, days after the end of the regatta.

Could you share for Yachting Info what your expectations were before the regatta and what actually happened?

Hi, Middle Sea Race is always fun. We had probably the best 100% Romanian crew and we were ready to give our best. So before the rest, we were confident.. the boat was ready so the party could start. This boat was not before in the race but we know it has a very good coefficient especially in ORC and we already had a nice result with her in Aegean 600. In general, in the regatta, we knew what would happen, and it almost always was. The boat was not as wet as the Farr 40, so we always had comfort inside and pressed hard all the time. What we didn’t knew was that we will blow up 2 gennakers and they we will be losing a winch handle. The rest was sailing and fun.

Could you share something about the crew?

The crew was nice.. we were 3 very good helmsmen(Iulia, Cristi, and Vali) and we trimmed the sails all the time.. also we were 8 people on deck all the time..

It will be interesting for us to find out about the emotions and situations after the start …..

The boat was fast always with a Max speed of over 22 knots. We have some experience with this race so no emotions .. it is always nice at the start but that is for a short time after we are in race mode all the time…

What are your future plans for the next sailing season?

In the winter we will prepare for the next season by ordering a complete set of new sails and preparing the calendar of the spring training regattas in Italy. The most important will be the ORC in Porto Cervo at the end of June .. we will definitely be there .. then the boat will come to Romania for 1-2 training regattas and the Romanian championship .. we will definitely attend the Bosphorus Cup too .. and maybe Middle sea race again in October … I don’t know .. Next week I will have a meeting with my team and we will fix the calendar .. So stay tuned .. when we are sure we will publish the calendar for next year .. what is certain is now the ORC Worlds in Porto Cervo, the Romanian ORC Championship and the Bosphorus Cup. We will find out the rest by the end of next week.

The next interview from the section will be published on November 15th.

Photos: Valentin Oeru; Rolex Middle sea race; Yachting info


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