The team of Bulgaria with participation in the qualifications for SSL Gold Cup 2022 in Switzerland!

The year 2022 is extremely interesting for Bulgarian sailing. The Bulgarian team will take part in the qualifications ( #Qualifyingseries) for the SSL Gold Cup 2022 in Switzerland. From June 7 to 12, the Bulgarians will compete in the European Series against SSL Team Czech Republic, SSL Team Portugal, and SSL Team Turkey in order to reach the (#Finalseries) finals of the World Sailing Championship! The Bulgarian team participates for the first time in this large-scale competition.

The Star Sailors League is an international regatta circuit designed to promote the athletes and the sport in an innovative and simple format. Founded in January 2013, the SSL was awarded a “Special Event” status by WS in October 2017. Star Sailors League organises elite championships with substantial prize money to celebrate today’s heroes and to honor the legends of the sport.

Good luck Bulgarians!